Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Long Time No See

So, it has seriously been forever. I have decided that it is time to update the blog! There have not been any major events as of late, but there has been a lot going on.

Last month (March 6-7), I got a chance to go to Louisville, KY to visit one of my good friends Tarah. She got engaged a few months ago, and I had not seen her since this exciting development! Nor had I met her fiance. So I trekked over to Nashville and met up with my college girl friends to take a road trip to Louisville. I had such a great time... it has been forever since I got to have a girls' weekend. Daniel (Tarah's fiance) was absolutely wonderful - so she got my official approval over the weekend. We stayed up until about 2AM (I didn't even stay up that late in college), just talking, goofing off and having an all-around good time. Saturday, we got up and went to Daniel's apartment to find that he had fixed us a big breakfast. Then we headed over to downtown Louisville to spend the rest of the day. We got to visit the Louisville Slugger Factory and then played Catch Phrase (a must at all get-togethers) by the river. The weather was perfect and the company was perfect. Here are some pictures.

Fast forward a few weeks. Last week I went on a retreat with work (I work for the Adoption Support Center - a ministry of Agape). We spent Wednesday through Friday at Fall Creek Falls. I had never been, but was so excited. I enjoy hiking and all things outdoors. We decided to leave on Tuesday so we could stop in Nashville for lunch and take our time getting there. We decided to have lunch at Buca de Bepo in Cool Springs... YUM! It was quite interesting ordering for 15 but we managed and it all went on Agape's tab....so, thanks Agape! After getting our fill of pasta, we decided to hit the road again and move on to middle Tennessee. Our car got to about Mount Juliet when we had to turn around. We got a call from one of the other cars in our caravan. They had been badly rear-ended on the interstate. The back windshield busted and hit someone in the head. Everyone seemed fine but they needed to go to the hospital to get checked out. So, the rest of us tried to entertain ourselves in the emergency room for about 4 hours. We were finally cleared and all reported to be in good shape. We got some pain medication for the soreness that was sure to follow and headed on the the Falls. It was beautiful. We only got to hike one day (it rained the other full day that we were there), but it was great. We hiked to a lookout over the gorge and had a devotional. All-in-all it turned out to be pretty decent considering it was a work trip!

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  1. my influence on you is obvious in some of these pictures.