Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Can Officially Make It Public!

Michael and I have some news... no I'm not pregnant! We had to share this information with several people before we could make it public knowledge, but now I can share it with the whole world if I want: We're moving to China!!!!
We have had the opportunity for several years now to move to China and teach in a university there, but for different reasons, we have always said "no." We did the same this year, but our Father had other plans! He kept putting it in front of us, over and over and over. Applications were supposed to be sent in March. We decided at the end of May to see what could be done, since Somebody obviously wanted us to. Chuck Harle, who is the director of the China Calls program, told us that it would be impossible, but if our Father wanted it to happen, it would happen. So we sent in all the necessary paper work and waited. About 2 weeks later we found out that we have been hired by Hangzhou Normal University in Hangzhou, China. And the crazy thing is that we actually got hired before many of those who turned in their applications back in March!
My brother Kyle and his wife Rebecca, along with their team (Stan & Juliane McCorkle and Kevin Westmoreland), were supposed to be in a city about 2 hours north of us. But their jobs there fell through and they have been placed in Hangzhou as well! We are all very excited about going, and especially about being together in the same city to do a Great Work!
I will finish up my job at Agape on July 24th. That will give me one week to pack up before our lease here in Memphis is up! After that, we will spend the next 3 weeks visiting with friends and family. Then we will fly out of Dallas sometime around the 25 of August. We will be teaching at the university for the entire school year - 10 months. We will probably spend several weeks after the school year is up "surveying" different areas of Asia for when we move over there for good. Our sweet Annie will be living with her grandparents in Ft. Worth, Texas for the next year. I cry about this all the time! But it is for the best!
So, we have less than 5 weeks to pack up all of our belongings and figure out where to put everything that we're not taking! Things are a little hectic right now but we are so excited! Please remember us when you talk to our Father!
** Notice the special capitalization! We have to watch what we say, so please do the same with any responses, emails, facebooks, etc! Thanks!
Please enjoy these pictures of our future home!
This is one of the views of the campus! The building in focus is the library!
This is the Art Center at Hangzhou Normal University

Another view of the campus

The beautiful West Lake - major attraction in Hangzhou

Hangzhou cityscape


  1. YAY! This is such a great opportunity for you guys! I know you've been looking for the right place for you guys during this time in your life, and I'm so glad you've found it. The photos of your new home are breathtaking. Wow, wow, wow!

  2. That is so exciting for you two! I'm sure you will make a difference in many people's lives. Best wishes, good luck, stay safe... all that stuff! And keep us updated on what is going on over there! Love you guys!