Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally Settling In

After being in China for over 3 months, I finally feel like I'm starting to settle in. I have been getting to know my students better and really enjoy being with them. And now that I'm not as homesick as before, I have been able to start having some fun. Here's a glimpse of the last couple of weeks:

I thought I would be excited when No-Shave November ended, but little did I know...

These Boys are crazy.

I was getting down about not being home for Christmas, so Michael and I went on a hunt for Christmas decorations. They are few and far between here in Hangzhou, but we did manage to find a few things. Just imagine buying all of your decorations from the Dollar store and you'll get a pretty good picture of our selection. However, we had a good time and have added a little Christmas cheer to our apartment.

It's about a foot tall and took all of about 5 minutes to decorate. Hey, I'm just excited we have a tree! It'll be our very own Charlie Brown Christmas.

Last weekend we went on a short overnight trip to Shanghai. We're only about an hour and a half away. We thought it was neat to be able to say that we were going to Shanghai for the weekend! We've got some friends that live there. So, we visited with them some. We also got to go to a real mall and got to eat at a hamburger & milkshake joint. On Sunday, we met with some Chinese family there and had a wonderful time! It was a great weekend!

The Pearl Tower

The one in the middle is the building Tom Cruise jumps on in Mission Impossible 3.

Our dinner in Shanghai. Curly fries and sweet tea!!!

One of the attendees at our Sunday morning meeting. I hope to have a baby girl that looks just like this one day!!


  1. Kris, I wish that for you too, but you've got to come to the realization that you and Michal's blood just won't make a baby look like that. Sorry to break the news to you. ;) Haha

  2. Kris, that seductive molester photo was supposed to stay between us.

  3. that is exactly why i have asked seth to keep his beard! if he shaves, he'll leave his nasty blonde mustache! yuck!