Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Works!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that have been Thinking of us. You should know that it's working! The Father has been overwhelming us (in a good way) with opportunities. He is keeping our spirits lifted. And we are beginning to see small pieces of fruits from our (and the Father's) labor here.

Last semester, we felt like we were working very hard with little to no results. But this semester, we made a decision to focus more on Thinking. We have been Thinking more ourselves, mentioning specific people we are building relationships with. Michael and I each have a Thought Network back home, who Think of us daily (and also mention specific names of those we are working with). We are spending more time Thinking with our team. And the Father has been responding in kind.

Last semester, it seemed like we had to knock out and drag someone to have lunch with us or spend time with us outside of class. Now we eat with a student at least three times a week. Michael has a group of guys that ask him to work out with them and play basketball with them at least three times a week. We are texting and talking (outside of class) more with our students now than we ever have before.

We are busy and we love it! Our Father is so good! And He listens when His children talk to Him. So please continue to Think of us and mention us to the Father. Please ask Him to use us in any way He wills as instruments for His work here in China. And thank you for remembering us in our work here. We thank Him on all remembrances of you!

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