Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Putting a Face to the Name

Some of you receive newsletters or updates from us occasionally that ask for your Thoughts for some of the students we have made relationships with. (If you haven't, I'm asking you now!) I would like for you to have a face in mind when you are Thinking of these precious students. I will introduce them below.

(Dream is seated on the front row, farthest to the right - black long-sleeves)

Dream is my sweet friend that I mentioned in my last blog (if you missed it, check it out here...or just scroll down!). She is a freshman English major. She wants to be an English teacher. She is one of the most thoughtful students I have. Last semester, she was the first to reach out to me and make an effort to form a relationship. We have had many talks recently about Important Things, and she has noticed the difference that They have made in my life. She has shown an interest in the Son and last week, I gave her a Book that was in English and Chinese. The Seed has been sown. Please Ask that it will be Watered and He will give increase. I want so badly for her to know the Truth.

(Lisa is closest to the camera
- stripes and pointing a gun at you!)

Lisa is a close friend of Dream's. She usually comes to lunch with us on Fridays. She is also a freshman English major. She has not necessarily shown as much interest, but she has been there to hear mention of the Son. She is a sweet girl that loves life. Please Ask that her ears are open to what she has heard, and that her heart will be soil for planting.

CHEN SHU (pronounced Chin Shoe)
(Chen Shu is seated in the middle)

Michael first met Chen Shu last semester. He was by himself, walking back to our campus. It started raining and he didn't have an umbrella. Chen Shu came up to him and offered to walk him home with her umbrella before she even knew that they were heading to the same place. That's just the kind of girl she is. She is a junior Broadcasting major. We have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with her this semester. We have had lunch together, she has been to our apartment to teach us to cook Chinese dishes, and she invited us to be a part of her class project (we had to be on a TV game show of which she was the hostess). Please Ask that her eyes will be open to notice something Different about us, that we will have opportunity to talk to her about Why we are different, and that we have at the very least made an impression in her life for Good and Truth.

I think this one is fairly obvious!

Wendy is another one of my freshmen English majors. I had the opportunity to spend a Saturday afternoon with her a couple of weeks ago. We were able to talk for a couple of hours and really got to know each other. Without any prompting from me, Wendy asked me what I Believed. I was, of course very happy to share with her. In response, she told me that she "believes in science" (something they are encouraged to do in this society). She has such a good heart. Please Ask that she will open her heart to search for Something More and that the Words I spoke to her will land in good soil.

Of course there are other students that I have formed relationships with (one of which is Vivian - but I don't have a picture of her yet!). Please Think of all of them, but especially name these precious souls by name. Thank you for your continued Thoughts for the Work here. May His will be done and His name honored!


  1. Good job Kris, I agree with Michael!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kris. It does help to have faces with the names! :) It is so incredible to see the differences you are making in their lives. Even if you are only there for a season, you are making an impact!

    Love you!

  3. Kris,

    Thanks for the faces to go with the names. The information is very helpful, too. I say, "Let it be so, Papa!" Open the eyes of their hearts. Give them rich insights into your character! Bring fruit to your glory.

    I am getting to teach CPM to 35 Zambian students at a Good book college. They are taking hold and putting the things they are learning into practice with newer students. Think hard about this work, even as I remember yours.

    John King

  4. I love the new template! And yes, it IS so fun! :)