Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Team

Most of you probably already know that Michael and I are on a long-term team. We have been together for about 4 years now. Our projected launch date is January 2014 and we plan to move somewhere in SouthEast Asia. There are 6 of us on the team. If you don't already know them, please allow me to introduce them to you.

Gavin & Lauren Pinkston

Gavin was Michael's best friend growing up and through college - also the best man in our wedding. He graduated from Freed-Hardeman with a double major in Missions and Pre-Med. He will graduate this weekend from medical school (in Memphis) and will soon begin his residency in Greenwood (or ville...can't remember which), South Carolina. Lauren is his beautiful bride of one year. She also graduated from Freed, with a degree in education. She has been a teacher in Memphis (quite a challenging job) for the past year, and I think has plans to get her Master's in Education when they get to SC.

Aarek & Jen Farmer

Aarek was one of Michael's closest friends in college. He graduated from Freed with a degree in education, and up until recently has been working as a teacher (also in Memphis). He recently accepted a position as Youth Minister for the Great Oaks church of Christ in Cordova. Jen graduated from Florida Southern and is now almost finished with a Master's in Counseling from Harding Grad. They plan to be in Memphis until we move overseas.

and here's a pic of Michael and me...

Gavin has a small window of opportunity between finishing med school and starting his residency, and we decided to use it for a survey trip - a chance to check out some of the countries we are looking into and seeing if we are being Guided anywhere.

But, when people are trying to Reach the Lost, it is never as simple as it sounds. The Enemy has been doing all he can to keep us from going on this trip. From problems with our school here in China to political problems in Thailand to problems booking flights, suffice it to say, we have been fighting a battle. But the One in charge is taking care of us, and we WILL be going on this trip! The four members of the team who are living in the States will be landing in Vietnam on May 31. Michael and I will meet them in Phnom Phen , Cambodia on June 6. In addition to Vietnam and Cambodia, we will also be visiting Laos.

We are so excited to enter this new phase with our team. Our launch date is approaching a lot faster than we thought it would, but we are ready to begin a Good Work!

Please Think of us as we prepare for and go on our trip. Please Ask that we will be Guided to where He wants us to be. This will most likely be our only chance to visit these countries before making a decision on where we will be living in the future. Please Ask that He grants us Wisdom to know His Will.

Thank you for your continued Thoughts for us and our work here in China!


  1. The difficulties confirm this is an important trip. Our enemy ignores inconsequential actions we plan. But there are other decisions that he seeks to undermine because he knows their potential kingdom impact.

    May Papa grant you wisdom, insight and clarity during this trip. I ask that you will know the place he has been preparing for you and for which he is preparing you! To his glory, praise and honor!

  2. Mom and Dad (PoDad)are thinking of you constantly. Keep your eyes and ears open. Look for the Persons of Peace. Love, Po